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Title: Invasion!!
Publisher: Ani Bester
Editor(s): Ani Bester
Date(s): February 2014
Series?: proposed
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Invaders, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Language: English
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Invasion!! is a Invaders fanzine created by Ani Bester. It was sold at Escapade 2014.[1]

Ani Bester planned to publish future issues of Invasion!!, potentially twice annually, and described the first issue as "a test run fanzine I printed up 15 copies of for the slash con Escapade just to get my toes wet."[2] She solicited contributions for a second issue, although additional issues may never have been produced.

front cover
back cover

First issue contents:

  • Chocolate (1)
  • Watch the Flowers Go (3) (Bucky/Toro, 616, PG-13)
  • Canvas (11) (Steve/Bucky, MCU, R, 616)
  • Reunion (17) (Steve/Bucky, MCU, R)
  • Patterns (22) (Bucky/Toro, 616, PG)
  • A Break from Ourselves (23) (Bucky/Toro, 616, PG, puplay)
  • Just Checking (26) (Namor/Jim Hammond, 616, G)
  • Final Exam (27) (Bucky/Toro, 616 G)


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