Interview with Dr. Ann Hupe

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Interview with Dr. Ann Hupe
Interviewer: Susan P. Batho
Interviewee: Dr. Ann Hupe
Date(s): February 19, 2007
Medium: online as PDF
Fandom(s): many
External Links: effect of commercialisation and direct intervention by the owners of intellectual copyright : a case study : the Australian Star Trek fan community by Susan Batho (2009)
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Dr. Ann Hupe was interviewed by Susan P. Batho via phone from Ketchikan, Alaska in Kenai Alaska.

The interview was included in an academic paper by Susan P. Batho which addresses the effect of the Viacom Crackdown, TPTB, and Australian fandom.

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I was an active fan in the terms of writing fanzines before I even knew they existed. I was writing original stories with my friend Pamela Gilbert in any spare time we had in school, even writing in margins of the textbooks we shared. So half the time in class we would be reading each other’s stories as well as trying to keep up with our homework. In my sophomore year of high school, I struck a bargain with my mother. I had heard of the existence of real fanzines. So while my other classmates were having their parents pay for their class rings, I convinced my mother that it would be more practical for me to read and enjoy the books which would last much longer than my high school class right would. As it worked out, I think my mother brought three times over the price of a class ring in the name of fanzines. At that point, if I wanted more fanzines to read, I needed a job.
The most amazing thing in fandom today that I find extremely promising is the idea of the web episodes. This has gone far beyond just writing stories and has allowed the fanzine fans to interact with the techies to produce new shows worth watching. This is the ultimate fan response, and I hope everyone use their infinite imagination to continue this. The next big thing? Virtual reality!!!! Ultimately, my mother fell in love with the show and she states that the most enjoyable time in her life was helping out at conventions, helping us with fanzines, and meeting other fans, especially Susan, who she considers to be a daughter, and thinks it’s wonderful that her son-in-law and Susan now write and work together and are such great friends that you two share homes.