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Interviews by Fans
Title: Interview with Donna Hanson
Interviewer: Susan P. Batho
Interviewee: Donna Hanson
Date(s): April 19, 2003
Medium: online as PDF
Fandom(s): many
External Links: effect of commercialisation and direct intervention by the owners of intellectual copyright : a case study : the Australian Star Trek fan community by Susan Batho (2009)
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Donna Hanson was interviewed at Perth WA.

The interview was included in an academic paper by Susan P. Batho which addresses the effect of the Viacom Crackdown, TPTB, and Australian fandom.

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I haven’t officially joined Star Trek fandom but have attended an official Star Trek convention in Sydney in 1993. I had been living in New Zealand for many years and although I had read about Star Trek conventions and clubs for many years I hadn’t found any until I had returned to Australia. I was always fascinated by the idea of them. I haven’t joined a fan club.
I had read about conventions in the US. Vonda McIntyre wrote about going to conventions. She used to write fanfic before she became a professional author, and wrote about attending conventions and I was quite envious. But I enjoyed the convention [1] I attended with my son. We were entertained, audience members, my son was selected out of the audience and was rewarded when he won a prize. They kept the entertainment going with lots of variety in the offerings. And for $80 for the day, it was value for money. I was satisfied with it. As I said, I was always fascinated by the Star Trek conventions I had read about. Of course, I didn’t dress up, do things like that. But they didn’t attempt to get people to communicate with one another. You sat theatre style through the day, and were placed at tables at night with people who obviously already had a firm relationship. No, they didn’t attempt to facilitate you talking to one another. There was no-one there to help you meet other people.


  1. 1993