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Synonyms: Kevin the Intern
Date Started: January 25th, 2015
Related: Not to be confused with No-Homo Intern
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Intern Kevin is a fan-created meta character in the Sherlock fandom who works for James Moriarty. His job is to do all of the complex chores that must have been done, but it is unlikely that Moriarty did himself. He is a loyal but inept worker whose plans often backfire. As mentioned by recentlyfolded in her post Intern Kevin does all the shopping.

To: Seb
From: Intern Kevin
Re: breadcrumbs

Did you want me to pick up a loaf of sliced white sandwich or did you want something special to make the crumbs from? There’s some day-old sesame-top on mark down, but I’m worried about the seeds burning when we toast the slices to make crumbs.

To: Seb
From: Intern Kevin
Re: gingerbread
There are two kinds of gingerbread mixes here. Did you want the regular or the gluten-free? [1]


Kevin was first mentioned by ”’captainsjm’” in a tumblr post where she defined the intern as being the one to chose a blind woman to read a pager in the episode The Great game (Sherlock). [2]

”I can’t stop thinking about the blind old lady in TGG. Some henchman had to find a hostage, rig them up, and give them instructions. The entire plan hinged on the hostage being able to read the pager. Why would you pick a blind person. Being able to read a pager is the only necessary qualifier for the hostage. They had no problems going after people in massive intersections or busy car parks. It’s like the intern to the Moriarty enterprise, Kevin, got a go, and he picked the least qualified victim in the entire apartment building.”

Since then many tasks have been attributed to intern Kevin including the Johnlock shipping BBC3 posts on twitter and tumblr. [3]

More recently, he has been suggested as the one performing tasks for Eurus Holmses in the season 4 episode, The Final Problem. [4] He has his own blog, his own twitter and is occasionally referenced in fan works. For example, he was listed as a member of Moriarty’s band in Bluebell of Bakerstreet’s picstory, Interview. [5] His story can be found in Intern Kevin’s diary. [6]

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