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Name: Intercon
Dates: 1992-present as Intercon, before that as Silicon, usually in March
Frequency: yearly in Massachusetts at present, there were half-numbered ones in the past, and New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland held several yearly cons in the past, such that there were often 2 or even 3 cons a year called "Intercon"
Location: Chelmsford, MA (current), previously in other locations in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware
Type: LARP
Focus: LARP
Organization: New England Interactive Literature (NEIL), Live Action Roleplayers Association
Founding Date:
URL: New England Intercon Conventions
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Intercon is a LARP convention. Intercon is a trademark of the Live Action Roleplayers Association (LARPA)[1] which works with local groups to host Intercon and licenses the name. New England Interactive Literature (NEIL) "was incorporated in October of 2000, in order to define a local entity solely responsible for the New England Intercons."[2]

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