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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Infinite Universes
Author: Claudel
Dates: ?-30 March 2003 (last update)
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (Wayback)
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Infinite Universes is Claudel's slash fanfiction page.

Description from Le Jardin de Givre:

Here you will find The Sentinel, Stargate, Highlander, Sherlock Holmes and Asimov (yay !) slash all written by Claudel, a fellow Canadian slasher. Marguerite is Canadian, and Kate wishes she was Canadian. Can you blame her? Just look at Claudel and me. Who wouldn't want to be us.[1]



  • A Little Voice Told Me (39kb) - Blair argues with the little voice in his head. Jim doesn't mind the results one bit. (1998)
  • Morning Kiss (43kb) - A letter. Charley the psychic and Naomi. Some chaos ensuing. (1999)
  • Shaman (16kb) - From Blair's point of view. (2000)


  • Error in Judgement (12 KB) - Set after 'Till Death'. Methos gets too smug. Duncan proves him wrong. (1998)
  • Another Error in Judgement (11 KB) - Where Joe gets to watch the two dummies handling a relationship; or not handling it. (1998)


  • Those stories are not exactly a sequel to each other, but they loosely exist in the same universe. There are two more coming up to complete it. In theory *cough*. (2000)
  • Puppy (9 kb) - Remember the episode Singularity, where they rescue Cassandra from a dying planet and Jack ends up giving her a puppy? This is what happens when Teal'c and Jack wanders off with the puppy at the end. (I don't know where Daniel went. He went to study the mating habit of squirrels of something. Stop being logical with me.) (2000)
  • Bridge (11 kb) - Jack starts angsting about his relationship. (2000)

Sherlock Holmes

  • The Return, a series(I intend to revise it and finish it this year) What *really* happened during the years Sherlock Holmes was believed to be dead. (2000)
Part One (7Kb)
Part Two (10Kb)
Part Three (8Kb)
Part Four (13Kb)

Isaac Asimov's Robot series

  • Paradox (40Kb) - Elijah is going back to Earth after solving the case in Robots of Dawn, but he is far from feeling happy. (2000)


  • Demons (54Kb) or part one part two. An incubus/succubus takes some interest in Tao. Dar throws a fit. (2001)


Raining Universes

  • Raining (80kb) - Dom is a stubborn little bugger. (Dom/Viggo)
  • Something in the water (soon to come) - So, why was Billy complaining that Orlando and Elijah were being weirder than usual?


  • Ghost (23kb) - For the secret slasha challenge. She wanted fluff, she got fluff. (Dom/Orlando)
  • Where RPS and FPS collides. I don't have much of an explanation for that one. Strange, strange pairings. I will write more, and they don't necessarily happen in the same universe.
  • Orlando (11kb) - Orlando has a visitor.
  • Viggo (9kb) - Viggo dreams.


  • Layover (37kb) - Orlando and Viggo get stuck together while snow is falling. (Viggo/Orlando, obviously.


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