Inferior Spotlight Awards

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Name: Inferior Spotlight Awards
Date(s): 2002
Frequency: once
Format: popular vote
Type: website
Associated Community:
Fandom: Hanson
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A banner to promote the awards

The Inferior Spotlight Awards were Hanson awards for fansites. They were moderated by Melissa in 2002. Future rounds were announced, but do not appear to have happened.


Most Likely To Become Big: Hanson Fan High

Best Content: Can't Stop Thinking About Them

Most Unique: Hanson Fan High

Most Hardworking Webmaster: Jen of Hanson Fan High

Best Newcomer: Typical Star

Best Geezer: So Adorable

Best To Look At: Typical Star

Most Hilarious: Go, Zaccy Boy, Go!

Exclusively Picked: So Adorable

Best Read: Typical Star

Hippie's Choice:
Voted by you: Blonde Haired Imperfections
Voted by moi: Ike's Broccoli Guitar