In the Palace Kitchen

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Title: In the Palace Kitchen
Editor(s): Ellen Wells
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Mercedes Lackey
Language: English
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In the Palace Kitchen is a cookbook with recipes inspired by the books of Mercedes Lackey.


From Queen's Own:

[September 1990]: "Ellen Wells is still asking for recipes for her Velgarth cookbook, "In the Palace Kitchen." She says, "I give a big thank you to everyone who's contributed and a 'why not?' to those who haven't." Include a SASE if you want your recipe(s) returned. Remember, no microwaves or other electric appliances on Velgarth. And be creative in your naming of your recipe, too. "Vanyel's Vichyssoise" sounds a lot tastier than "cold potato soup.""

[April 1991]: "In the Palace Kitchen, our first Valdemar cookbook, is ready to go to the printer."