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Title: In the Mirror
Creator: here's luck
Date: February 2007
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:39 minutes
Music: "In the Mirror" by Nada Surf
Genre: character study, slash
Fandom: due South
URL: vid announcement post
vid commentary post

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In the Mirror is a character-centered slash vid starring Ray Kowalski. The vid consists mainly of clips of Ray (and a few of Fraser) set to the song "In the Mirror" by Nada Surf. Kristina Busse describes the vid as "a traditional character study" and goes on to comment on how the lyrics present "a particular reading of Ray, questioning, vulnerable, overactive, uncertain..."[1] Although the character is angst-ridden, the vid has a happy ending: it is implied that Ray's relationship with Fraser allows him to regain self-confidence.

"In the Mirror" is the companion piece for a Fraser-centric vid by here's luck, Out Here.


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