In the God’s Hands

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Title: In the God’s Hands
Author(s): fawatson
Date(s): December 2008
Length: 1933 words
Genre(s): Sequel
Fandom(s): Mary Renault
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In the God’s Hands[1] was originally written for Yuletide 2008 and was the author’s very first Yuletide assignment. Subsequently the story was also crossposted to the maryrenaultfics community. The Yuletide recipient, tarigwaemir requested the following: “I'd like a story focusing on their relationship. What makes them work in comparison to Plato and Dion? Something set after the book, when Thettalos goes into Alexander's service might be good to read. Alternatively a moment during canon itself: when do they become lovers?” The story’s protagonist is Nikeratos, who is seen travelling to Pella to free Thettalos, who was imprisoned by King Phillip of Macedon because he carried out a mission for the king’s son Prince Alexander (later Alexander the Great). On the way Apollo diverts Nikeratos to an isolated farm where he rescues an abused slave woman and her cat. By the time Nikeratos arrives in Pella, Alexander has already arranged for Thettalos to be released. This story has a sequel: Conquests New

Comments by readers include:

  • ...the really quite remarkably beautiful youth beside him"? *smiles* An incorrigible and irresistible Thettalos, and soft-hearted (i.e. mushy) charming!my_cnnr
  • This is a great story. Really enjoyed it. The descriptions and setting are perfect. Loved the characterizations. My favorite lines were: "No Dion indeed. And no Penelope either." And, oh, my, about the poor girl's mother being optimistic when she named her Helen. A wonderful read. heartofoshun


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