In the Eye of the Beholder Series (Sentinel story)

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Jim/Blair Fanfiction
Title: In the Eye of the Beholder Series
Author(s): Speranza
Date(s): 20 November 1998 - 21 June 2000
Length: 37,809 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: In the Eye of the Beholder on AO3

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In the Eye of the Beholder is a Jim/Blair series by Speranza.


Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Keyhole.

[entire series]: First, a word about Francesca's writing. Awesome portrayals of Jim - speech patterns, motivation, even thought -- all nailed. And practically no Blair cliches. Thank goodness. I sometimes have trouble buying the various contrived situations writers create to get Jim and Blair together, but when I read Francesca's fic I am able to totally suspend disbelief. That being said: Francesca is justifiably famous for her Nature series, but actually, I liked this series more than Nature. It's a series of relatively short first-time stories in which the boys are brought together by external stimuli -- a videotape, an audiotape, a bit of voyeurism, and some photos. I loved 'em.[1]

[Videotape]:If you read Sentinel slash fic, you've surely read Francesca. No? Well, you're in for a treat. Her series 'In the Eye of the Beholder' is five stand-alone stories, not connected to each other except in their theme of accidental knowledge -- overhearing, eavesdropping, the finding of photos, a videotape... [2]

[Audiotape]: Now this was interesting. I'm always going to be a fan of Sentinel fic that focuses more on the issues that could possibly keep Jim and Blair apart than how quickly a given situation can be manipulated to get them together, and this used a rather uncommon one to good effect.

I really enjoyed and understood the Blair and the Jim in this story, and the OC, while just a sketch, made for an excellent foil.

However, the themes of the story were more than a little jumbled, to the point where I wasn't sure what I was supposed to take away from it beyond... well, see, there's the problem.

Still, it was a highly enjoyable read, it made me laugh out loud more than once, and the sex was stellar.[3]