In the Company of Demons

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Title: In the Company of Demons
Author(s): stele3
Date(s): Spring 2006
Length: 31,200 words
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: at AO3; previous website
fanart by phantomas

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In the Company of Demons is a het Supernatural fan story written in 2006 by stele3.

Summary: Sam and Dean hunt a succubus in LA and get way more than they bargained for.


  • "It's dark as all get out, so pay attention to the warnings. But at the same time, how this story handles those dark aspects--seriously and with intent and attention--is one of the best things about it. The horror here comes from within the characters, and how they negotiate that, come to terms with their own monsters is fascinating and compelling. The writing is tight and intense, the characterizations spot on, and the plot drives things forward perfectly, making this a fic I go back and reread again and again."[1]
  • "Okay, I was so, so wary of this story. I saw the words "succubus" and "OFC" and just... was afraid. Wow, I'm so glad I paid attention when Maygra recced it. This is one of the most remarkable pieces of fanfiction I've ever read, and absolutely one of the most memorable original characters. More than that, the OFC is used to illuminate the canon characters in deep and startling ways. I can't praise this highly enough."[2]
  • " of the best, most affecting stories I’ve ever read. Sam and Dean are tooling around with a demon broad … and soon they are all affecting each other in the most disturbingly peculiar ways.....Yeah, I know I’ve recc’d this before. But I’m recc’ing it again because it’s so frickin AWESOME, in my ever so humble opinion. Sam and Dean team up with an ex-succubus who still has enough power to drive the boys to distraction. 12 parts. No wincest, but a threesome."[3]
  • "stele3 is pretty fucking amazing at all different kinds of original characters, which is much harder to pull off in fanfic than in original fiction; original characters, like new cast members on shows, have to struggle against the audience's resentment at getting less of characters they already know.... In the Company of Demons (complete) explosively mixes Sam and Dean with a succubus cursed to attract the violence of men; it is scary and dark and heartbreaking and examines with uncomfortable the honesty the potential intersections of love, hate, desire, and fear, all the things edgy fiction is supposed to do but so seldom does. BDSM, noncon, het, Dean/OFC/Sam; no incest but lots of boundary-crossing."[4]
  • "I hesitate to rec this as enthusiastically as some of the others. It's great for at least two parts. Stele3 has an incredible ability not to waste a single word, and I think she gets both boys. Dean's actions, on their own, are perfectly understandable. Sam's actions, on their own, work for me as well. But put them together and... I'm not so sure. BUT, there's some good smut in there, so... yeah. I'd like to know what y'all think too; it could just be me, because I've seen it rec-ced all over the place."[5]


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