In the Arms of Family

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: In the Arms of Family
Date(s): 2002
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
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In the Arms of Family is a Star Trek: VOY story by Janet, Christina, Cybermum, Diane, Julie, Monkee, Penny Proctor, and Rocky .

It was the winner of a 2002 ASC Award.

Comment from One of the Authors

I want everyone here to know how privileged I feel to be able to share writing duties with this wonderful group of writers. Christina is our guiding force. Her enthusiasm has carried us through many tough times. Cybermum, Julie, Penny, and Rocky have been mainstays. Countless times when I didn't have the time to finish something in a story because of some horrendous Real Life problem, they pitched in and helped me get through it. Monkee and Diane are wonderful writers who I value for all their writings, and I'm glad they joined in here, as well as with stories like monkee's "The Last Nacelle."I felt I couldn't in conscience vote for any of the Voyager Virtual Season 7.5 stories, even those I had no direct hand in writing (although there were several I wanted to vote for) because of my involvement with the series, but I wanted to say "thank you" to a generous and talented group of writers in this public forum in some way. Maybe it can't "count" in the official voting, but all of them really "count" with me. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Another simply lovely story, the crew more or less coming in a full circle from where they started. I enjoyed every aspect of it, from Kira's continuing headaches with Mrs. Kim to the reunion of Kathryn and her mother, the Paris family and Icheb, Celes... Something for everyone. And being the EMH fan that I am, I loved seeing Haley again.Particularly touching, though, was the story of Ayala and his family - terribly bittersweet. I'll probably say this over and over, but if only this had been the tv show... [2]
I liked that Voyager returned to where she started her journey: DS9. It was fun to see characters like Kira again. The reunions were heartwarming and, in the case of Mrs Kim's meeting with her Harry, had nice touches of humor. I particularly liked the EMH's meeting with Vic and the epilogue between Owen Paris and Janeway and the passage about how people are threatened by greatness (and the nod to Kirk and Picard). [3]
This is one of the best Voyager stories that I've ever read and one of my favorites. Following the VVS 7.5 "canon", it shows us what Voyager's homecoming could look like, featuring all of the characters as well as many of the "lower decks" characters. And as always, this VVS 7.5 story has perfect charicterization. [4]
This is a highly ambitious story and the VS7.5 didn't miss a beat. They covered all of their bases, giving everyone on the Voyager crew time and attention. There's a lot going on in this fic - from happy reunions to the set-up of tension. The complexity of this story is impressive. Well done. [5]


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