In Love and War

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Title: In Love and War
Publisher: Wanntoo Press Publications
Date(s): 1995 (print), 1996 (e-zine)
Medium: print, e-zine
Fandom: Garrison's Gorillas
Language: English
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In Love and War is a slash 100-page five-story Garrison's Gorillas anthology with fiction by Lee Giorgos. It was one of the earliest fanzines offered as an e-zine by distributor New Leaf Productions.


Summary from publisher: "Betrayal, desire, the war, danger, and the need for human contact force the Gorillas into examining themselves, their needs, and how to live to the next day. Mixed pairings."

From a flyer:
This series of five connected stories traces the growing relationship between Chief and Lieutenant Garrison. From their first realization of their increasing love for each other, to the complications that arise when your lover is part of such a complex team of experts. Life will never again be easy for the man who must elect to send his lover into harm's way time and lime again. And how will the officer react when Casino's jealousy rears its very ugly head? Garrison's Gorillas is a team of five men ... and to keep that teamwork going along smoothly everyone of the cons is going to have to make some major changes in his outlook, his way of thinking, his acceptance for a lifestyle that he might not have chosen for himself, and even his way of working.


[excerpt From Holiday]: "He'd never had a lover undress him before. Craig realized as he shifted his hips and rose just enough to let Chief pull his slacks free of his legs. Then, with a deft move of his own, and now doubly thankful for the warmth of the sunlight in the room, he shed bis sweater. As he eased back against the pillow again, Chief straightened, rising lo his full length on the bed and slowly, almost achingly slowly, he eased the sweater off over his head. Arching his back, thrusting his hips slightly out in a provocative pose, Chief tossed the sweater aside and then, still kneeling over Garrison's body, he hugged himself briefly before slowly, sensuously, running his hands down his sides, pausing at his own belt line."