Imogen Heaney/Sahar Zahid

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Pairing: Imogen Heaney/Sahar Zahid
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: F/F, femslash
Fandom: Heartstopper
Canonical?: Not yet
Prevalence: Rarepair
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Imogen Heaney/Sahar Zahid is a femslash pairing in the Heartstopper fandom. The ship does not appear in the webcomic as Imogen's character was created for the TV show. However, it is foreshadowed throughout Season 2 of the TV show.



Imogen stopped talking to Sahar when she first got a boyfriend??? Imogen thinks she would be better off if she was into girls??? Imogen slept in the same bed as Sahar??? AND had her arm wrapped around her??? Imogen looked longingly at Sahar and smiled every so softly at her when she did that cute little guitar thing??? Yeah. I know what you are.

jesslikestowrite [1]

It can go multiple ways I think. Like you mentioned:

1. Imogen may realize she is not straight after all and falls for Sahar.

2. Imogen misses her friendship with Sahar and longs to get closer to her again.

I thought the hint of her liking Sahar romantically came out of the blue so I started to think other possible outcomes for her S3 plot.

3) Imogen, being surrounded by cute queer couples and feeling let down by boys so much goes through a bi curious phase. Where she thinks she has romantic feelings for Sahar. In the end she discovers that some people are just straight and becomes a better, more educated, ally.

makidonalds [2]

I agree that all three scenarios you mentioned are possibilities! However, I don’t think the sexuality thing was out of the blue at all.

Common experiences among young lesbians who don’t realize they are lesbians are having ‘crushes’ on CLEARLY uninterested guys (because they feel safe, and the safe feeling is interpreted as a crush), having weirdly intense friendship breakups that don’t make sense at the time, being an awkward but invested ‘ally’, and ‘wanting’ to be a lesbian. (“Things would be so much easier if I were into girls!”)

When I was watching the show I picked up on this possibility in S1!

64moonbeams [3]

no matter what I really want Imogen to be single for a while in season 3 because there is a shocking lack of stories about teen girls on tv that aren't focused on romance

fanfic_enthusiast2 [4]

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