If I Stay

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Name: If I Stay
Creator: Gayle Forman
Date(s): 2009, 2011, 2014 (film)
Medium: books, film
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Wikipedia, Film wikipedia
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If I Stay is a young adult novel by Gayle Forman follows 17-year-old Mia Hall as she deals with the aftermath of a catastrophic car accident involving her family.

A film was released in 2014 starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

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Popular Characters:

Mia Hall - A 17-year-old girl who lives in Oregon with her family. Her entire world revolves around her family, her best friend Kim, her boyfriend Adam, and the cello. Mia struggles with fitting in, even in her own family. She shares a passion for music with her parents and her brother, however, she loves classical music while her family likes rock. Her boyfriend also shares a passion for rock music. Mia lives in two worlds: the one where she lives out as a classical cello player and the one where she fits in with her family and boyfriend.

Adam Wilde - Mia Hall’s boyfriend who attends the same high school as Mia, although he’s a year older. He has a passion for rock music and actually plays the guitar in a band. Adam first becomes interested in Mia when he sees her playing the cello in a free period. He loves how passionate she is about her own music and that helps them bond throughout the story.

Kim Schein - Mia Hall’s best friend. Kim is more sarcastic than Mia but both seem to be very similar. Kim is always there for Mia and Kim shows her strength and loyalty, particularly after Mia, has her accident.

Kat Hall - Kat is Mia’s mother. She shares a passion for music with Mia and the rest of their family. She used to be a groupie for Mia’s dad's band when they were younger. She is shown as tough and incredibly loyal to her family. Mia is very close to her mother and they bond a lot over Mia’s struggles with her not fitting in. She pushes Mia to follow her instincts and to embrace herself.

Denny Hall - Denny is Mia’s father. He also shares a strong passion for music with Mia. He was the one who bought Mia’s first cello for her even though he wanted Mia to embrace a love for rock. Denny loves his family and shows this by quitting his rock band and getting a teaching job in order to start his life with his family. He pushes Mia to be the best musician she can be.

Teddy Hall - Teddy is Mia’s younger brother. The two are very close and Mia actually sees him as her own son at times. Teddy is a representation of youth and innocence. Mia also is very protective of Teddy, which is shown right after their accident.

Popular Pairings:

There aren’t many fanfic writings on AO3 so the only pairing seen is Adam Wilde / Mia Hall. However, there are a few crossovers with Marvel movies. On Wattpad, there were a couple of stories that included a romantic relationship between Adam Wilde and Kim.