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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Idol
Author(s): JS Cavalcante
Date(s): 2005
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Idol is a Kirk/Spock story by JS Cavalcante.

It was published online and then in the print zine Cyberdreams #2.

Reactions and Reviews

This is a rather unusual and refreshing story told from a somewhat unconventional point of view – that of Gary Seven’s cat which here is in actual fact Gary’s travelling companion and comes from the same world as Gary himself and has some rather interesting skills including the ability to shapeshift at will. In this particular adventure, she assumes the persona of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of love and indulges in a little “interference” to ensure that Kirk and Spock overcome their differences and get together. I must admit this was a very enjoyable tale and it was nice to see Kirk and Spock’s relationship from an unusual outside perspective. The method which she uses is also rather unusual – she first appears to Spock in his cabin as a beautiful woman who tries to seduce Spock and then turns herself into a perfect duplicate of Kirk and forces Spock to admit that he is more than slightly attracted to Kirk and as a result, he is finally able to admit to himself and eventually to Kirk as well what he actually wants. It was also a nice amusing touch to see some of the rather strange disguises this character adopts in order to keep track of what Kirk and Spock are going, even in the privacy of their own cabins, while remaining undetected. [1]
Set after Assignment: Earth, this story suggests that Gary Seven's block cat Isis is a very old being that can shapeshift into whatever it wants. Spock is drawn to the cat in the episode, but this fic has the being meet with Spock as a pharoh's wife of Earth's past and she skillfully gets Spock in bed (fucking WIN if there ever was one) but then halfway through turns into Kirk. CUE ANGST AND OMGWTFBBQ! :P Good story and hit a kink I didn't know I had. [2]
Being a cat lover, I was drawn to the concept of this story – a study of Spock and his relationship with Kirk through the eyes of Isis, the captivating black feline/svelte woman from Gary Seven.

Sitting on Spock’s lap, she skims the surface of his thoughts and learns of his yearning for his captain and the Vulcan traditions and commitments that prevent his allowing it to go beyond contemplation. A self-professed meddler, Isis decides to give them a little nudge in the right direction. She enters Spock’s cabin in feline form, only to change into Isis, the fertility goddess of old Egypt, and begins to seduce Spock very gently. I like her reflections about what she is doing “One does not awaken the sexual desires of a Vulcan lightly, because it is difficult to put that particular genie back into the bottle.” I’ve never heard it expressed any more tantalizingly. But Isis is far from finished – remember her goal is to bring Captain and First Officer together – really together. And with that thought in mind, while she and Spock are in the throes of passion, she becomes Kirk. It is too late even for a determined Vulcan to stop what nature has put into motion. The imagery here is beautiful, as are Spock’s feelings as he tastes forbidden fruit for what he believes is the first and last time. It’s so sad when he acknowledges what it means to him to have his friend’s lips on his, to bury himself in the one he loves above all, because “I cannot have the real thing.” I’ve read all sorts of premises for Spock coming to terms with his feelings for Kirk, but this has to be one of the most imaginative and loving ways. Usually, if one of them is seduced by an imposter, the deception is not something they’re aware of; the forthrightness of this was a refreshing approach.

Isis’ intentions are completely unselfish; she never forgets her aim is to help these two men come to terms with the love she senses between them. Her level of success results in a very touching, affectionate scene of confessions and discovery – a first time that would cause any of us to purr in satisfaction. If we were lucky enough to be a cat. [3]


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