I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore

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You may be looking for Not in Kansas Anymore, an OZ (HB0) zine.

Title: I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore
Publisher: Asylum Press
Date(s): 2002, CD
Medium: print
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
External Links: stories online at Creed's website
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I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore is a 186-page slash Smallville anthology of fiction by Creed Cascade and TJ. It was offered in both print and CD format.



Summary: Another take on Clark going into "heat". Teaser: Clark froze and sniffed the air. Lex smelled differently all of sudden. It wasn’t fear. He knew that smell and he hated it from his friend. This one was different. New. He liked it. He cocked his head to the side and inhaled deeply again. (11 pages)

  • Seduction Clark/Lex. NC-17. Summary: Lex has plans that involve seducing Clark, but fate doesn't always give Lex exactly what he wants, the way he wants it. Teaser: The only problem was, he wanted Clark there willingly. Just the thought of all that power under his control was enough to make him shiver with delight. (28 pages)
  • Peeping Tom Clark/Lex. NC-17. Summary: Clark's voyeuristic tendencies go beyond his telescope and he gets a window into Lex troubled world. Teaser: "You've watched me through the windows?" Lex really wished he could stop parroting everything Clark said, but the boy was constantly surprising him. "What, um, what was I doing? When you watched." (15 pages)
  • Madness Clark/Lex. NC-17. Summary: A plot driven tale, with a side of CLex, that involves yet another case of insects and brainwashing in Smallville. Teaser: Clark froze, half in and half out of the doorway when he saw his father sitting at the kitchen table. He felt a small flicker of hope that maybe his dad had stayed up to apologize to him. It was quickly snuffed out when he saw the cold look in his father's eyes. (41 pages)
  • Plain Brown Wrapper Clark/Lex. NC-17. Summary: Clark and Lex have issues that all come to a head when Clark gets a package in the mail. Teaser: He pressed play on the remote and watched as the static on the screen suddenly cut to the inside of a club. (32 pages)
  • Crimson Clark/Lex. NC-17. Summary: What should of happened in the episode "Red". Teaser: "I changed my mind," Clark smirked. "I was on my way to pick Lana up when I realized that she wasn't the one I really wanted. I figured it was time I stopped avoiding the truth." (6 pages)
  • Daddy Know Best Clark/Lex. Lex/Lionel implied. NC-17. Summary: Lionel is Lex's worst nightmare and the Kents have to intercede. Teaser: He turned pleading eyes to Clark, begging him to let it go, at least for now.

CD Version

"Thank you for purchasing this zine on CD. We hope that you find it as enjoyable to read as we did to write it. The zine is done with MS Word so as long as you have that program you shouldn't have any problem reading the material on the disk. We've also included the cover art for the zine as a jpeg file so you don't miss out on that. We've also included the Tempus Sans font file. The headings and such were done with this font. If you don't have it you'll need to install it to better read the zine."