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Gift Exchange
Name: IT: Chapter Two Fanfiction Exchange
Date(s): 2019
Founder: DenbroughBill and Jack Sevlin Ripley
Fandom: IT
Associated Community: IT2FicExchange
URL: Tumblr
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IT: Chapter Two Fanfiction Exchange was an IT Gift Exchange to celebrate the IT: Chapter Two trailer release. It required that the participants' work be at least 3k words.

DenbroughBill created the banner, Google Form, and invited participants. Then Jack put together the assignments, conducted check-ins with participants, and ran the Tumblr posts and tag organization.

27 Tumblr users signed up: anellope, captainbartholomew, chaotickaspbrak, coffeekaspbrak, denbroughbill, disneyfan567, fandom-dhaddy, hanscom, honkhonkrichard, it-more-like-lit, jwilliambyers, kaspziers/stephenskings, kkaspbrak, midnightmillie, mrs-vh, notafightr, oleffx, onceyoukaspbrakyouneverkaspback, reddiesetandgo, rehdie, secretblog1212, sinningtozier, stenbranlon, takealottodragmeaway, tinyarmedtrex, wheezyeds, xandertheundead, and as a pinch-hitter: Jack Sevlin Ripley.

There were three defaults despite extensions given, and those that did not receive their gifts were given paid sketch commissions by ayyyymichele, instead.

Important Dates

  • Sign-Ups Opened: 8 May 2019
  • Sign-Ups Closed: 16 May 2019
  • Assignments Delivered: 16 May 2019
  • Assignments Due: 31 May 2019

Sign-Up Form Template

A Google Form was used for sign-ups.


IT 2 fic exchange sign up! * Required

  • name / url*
  • list your top 3 OTPS*
  • list your top 3 characters
  • what characters/pairings are you comfortable writing?*
  • which characters/pairings are you NOT comfortable writing for?*
  • what is your favorite fic genre?
  • what are your favorite fic tropes?
  • prompt #1 you would like someone to write for you*
  • prompt #2
  • prompt #3
  • is there anything you are uncomfortable writing? (gore, angst, NSFW?)*
  • would you mind if there was gore, angst, NSFW in the fic gifted to you?*
  • is there anything else you would like to share?

Fanworks Created

(If any links are broken, the fics have been archived here.)