Hunk of the Year

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Hunk of the Year was an activity at Mountain Media Con.


It was David Duchovny.


It was Sean Connery.


"The Hunk of the Year contest was fought hard and heavy to wrest the crown from last year's winner (Sean Connery, who took it from the previous year's David Duchovny). The winner? In a year of great new fandoms, one of the originals -- Bodie -- took the prize, with Blair Sandburg to place and Methos to show." [1]


"The annual Battle of the Hunks went unwitnessed by this reporter (I have yet to witness the glorious spectacle) but last year's winner, The Professionals' Bodie, passed on the crown to this year's winner, The Sentinel's Jim Ellison." [2]


"... voting for 'Hunk of the Year.' Never having heard of this before I was struck dumb as various people got up and made pleas for their choices, aided and abetted by bribery, threats, songs, speeches and, if you count having sweets flung into the somewhat riotous crowd, violence. Some nominated I had not heard of (Wolverine from X Men or Jackie Chan from something or another), or I hadn't seen the hunk's movie - Gladiator - and some were dead. You aren't allowed to vote for previous winners, I think, so Jim 'Sentinel' Ellison was scrubbed and even though Martin [Shaw] was nominated it was for Chauvelin - the French Guy. In the end it was a close-run thing between Hannibal Hayes and the stupendous Walter Skinner. Now I still maintain that had the French Guy not got some votes even when he wasn't in the running, then Walter would've swept in but it went to the late Mr Hayes, much to the joy of the cowgirl contingent." [3]


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