How the Grynch Stole Fandom

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Title: How the Grynch Stole Fandom
Creator: Peter David
Date(s): posted to, see Peter David's "How the Grynch Stole Fandom" on January 13, 2001, "published January 19, 2001, in Comics Buyer’s Guide #1418"
Medium: online
External Links: How the Grynch Stole Fandom, Archived version
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How the Grynch Stole Fandom is a 2001 parody by "Doctor Spoof," aka Peter David.

The poem was written in response to Fandom, Inc.'s heavy-handed attempt to copyright the word fandom and shut down fan websites.


"But in the end, fanzines, they kept coming out.
This irked the Grynch greatly; it made the Grynch pout.
He had to stop fandom right down at its core.
If he did it right, there’d be fandom no more…
And then… he had an idea.
The Grynch had a horrible, wondrous idea.
“I’ll beat them by playing their own fannish game
I’ll start up a website… and steal their name!
There won’t be a fandom, if I own it all
Their websites will crumble; momentum will stall;
From this moment on, I will see fandom’s fall!"