How Could I Forget Thee?

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Title: How Could I Forget Thee?
Author(s): Lea
Date(s): 2006 or before
Length: 38,800 words
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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How Could I Forget Thee? is a Beauty and the Beast Vincent/Catherine story by Lea.

Reactions and Reviews

The angsty joy of this fic is second to none. It follows the canon of seasons one and two and borrows the pregnancy and amnesia elements of season three but otherwise it's a SND (she's not dead) fic that is one of the most satisfying that I've had the please to read repeatedly. Vincent's amnesia is difficult for everyone Below but Catherine deals with it gracefully but she doesn't do so without sadness, melancholy, and wistfulness. Vincent's attraction to the new member of the community frightens and intrigues him while his friends and family are delighted even as they keep Catherine's secret. This is one of my favorites because the reader gets to experience Vincent falling in love with Catherine all over again. [1]


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