House of One Thousand Jewels

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: House of One Thousand Jewels
Author(s): Susan Douglass
Date(s): 1990
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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House of One Thousand Jewels is a Kirk/Spock story by Susan Douglass.

It was published in the print zine Otherwhere/Otherwhen #1.



"A/U: About to be bought by the cruel Lord Stonn, the young human pleasure slave pleads with his favorite customer, the Lord Spock, to buy him instead."

Reactions and Reviews

I liked the intensity of this. A lot of emotion without a lot of dialogue. The ending is quite poignant. My one complaint is that I felt a carrot was being dangled before my eyes. This was more like a prologue to something bigger. It takes its point poetically, but I wanted more. [1]
Told in the first person Kirk (here it’s James), this is an A/U story of James as a love slave in the House Of One Thousand Jewels (a nice fanciful name). Before anyone gets turned off by the old master/slave scenario, this story is told like a myth or a fable and there’s a sequel (“The Northern Star”) that has all the anti-slave message any self-respecting anti-slavery person could want.

The story opens as the masterful (in and out of bed) Lord S’pock of Shikahr is making masterful, passionate love to James (the best in the House, of course!). It’s gorgeous, it burns, it makes you thrash on the carpet.

The writing has a neat old-world quality with a mythology of humans almost destroying their own world, so a Vulcan goddess brought them to Vulcan to protect them from themselves. Boy! This is sexy! Lord S’pock takes a peacock feather and teases James with it. Yes, there.

I love that McCoy is “old Leonard, the slave-healer”.

Even though master and slave, S’pock and James love each other and the story ends with sequel in mind. [2]


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