House of Cards (US TV series)

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Name: House of Cards
Creator: Beau Willimon
Date(s): 01 February 2013 – present
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: United States
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House of Cards is an American political drama and Netflix's first original series. It is based on a British television serial of the same name, which in turned was adapted from a novel by Michael Dobbs.

The series stars Kevin Spacey as Francis "Frank" Underwood, an ambitious and corrupt congressman who manipulates and murders his way to becoming President of the United States.


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Frank is shown in canon to have had romantic and sexual encounters with men, including Tim Corbet at military college, and Edward Meechum and Tom Yates over the course of the series. Some fans interpret him to be bisexual or pansexual, while others interpret him as homosexual and posit that his relationship with Claire Underwood is a marriage of convenience, or, alternatively, romantic but not sexual.

The most popular ships in the fandom are Frank/Claire, Frank/Meechum, and Frank/Claire/Meechum. The threesome or pairing combinations involving Frank, Claire, and Tom Yates are also common. These ships are all canon to various degrees. Frank is also sometimes paired with Seth Grayson or Doug Stamper, and Seth/Doug is the most common non-Frank slash pairing. There is also a handful of femslash in the fandom, including the canonical Rachel Posner/Lisa Williams and ships involving Claire, Jackie Sharp, and Heather Dunbar.

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