House of Cards (The Charioteer/Torchwood crossover)

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Title: House of Cards
Author(s): nevoreiel
Date(s): 27 February 2007
Length: 1502 words
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Mary Renault, Torchwood
External Links: archived on LJ

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"House of Cards" is a crossover story by nevoreiel based on Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer and the television series Torchwood. Jack Harkness, protagonist of Torchwood, is paired with Bim, a doomed fighter pilot who attends the party in Chapter Six of The Charioteer. The author deftly slips Jack into nonexistent cracks in Renault's description of the party, and gets him back to Bim's digs at the end of the story.


Having picked a drunken, drugged-out Bim up at a bar, Jack is invited to go to a birthday party. He is less thrilled when Bim promptly gets into a scene over another man.


From the Author's Note:
Set in October 1940 in the South of England (the town of Bridstow), which would mean Jack hasn’t met the Doctor yet and I’m taking timeline liberties as Jack didn’t become Jack until January 22nd of the next year.

"House of Cards" was written for the Crossover Challenge at tw_exchange and beta'd by intrastellar.


Comments to the story include the following:

  • "I love you lots. The Charioteer is one of my favourite novels and this is lovely. I especially like all the little asides Jack has about the tension and how he'd settle it and your Ralph is wonderful."—comment by athousandwinds