Hourglass Awards

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Name: Hourglass Awards
Date(s): 2005 - 2009
Frequency: annual
Format: volunteer panel
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community: Unknowable Room
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Hourglass Awards at Unknowable Room
hourglassawards on LiveJournal
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The Hourglass Awards were annual Harry Potter fanfiction awards. Originally started on LiveJournal, they moved to the Unknowable Room archive with its opening in 2005.

"The original Hourglass Awards were created in order to recognize and reward outstanding works of Harry Potter fanfiction from all different genres of prose. When the Awards were started, there were hardly any exclusively Harry Potter fanfiction awards sites available on the internet. Those that did exist were based on the whims of their managers--the fics that they'd heard of and enjoyed were nominated, "judged", and crowned winners. There were very little criteria for what made a good fic and how fics should be judged against each other. The Hourglass Awards were created as an alternative to this type of judging and have been in the works ever since.
The Hourglass Awards were originally MWPP-era only to stem the tidal wave of nominations, but now that they have officially found a home on UR.org, they are open to all eras of HP-fic. The Unknowable Room is proud to call the Hourglass Awards their own."

2005 & 2006 Awards

2007 Awards

To see all the nominations for the 2007 awards, see The Hourglass Archive.

2008 Awards

To see all the nominations for the 2008 awards, see The Hourglass Archive.

2009 Awards

To see all the nominations for the 2009 awards, see The Hourglass Archive.

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