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Name: Honorverse
Creator: David Weber
Date(s): 1992 - present
Medium: Novels originally in English
Country of Origin: United States of America
External Links: https://honorverse.fandom.com
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The Honorverse is the name given by fans to the setting for the Honor Harrington series of novels and related stories created by author David Weber.


Weber created Honor Harrington, the main protagonist, as a "Horatio Hornblower... IN SPACE" character. The setting enables the use of many of the tropes common in Hornblower and other Age of Sail adventure stories, translated into far-future military science fiction.

The technology of space travel and war recreate the feel of naval adventure stories, with "Warshawski Sails" used to travel through hyperspace, broadside armament, and acceleration and engagement ranges that replicate the pacing of 18th century naval warfare. Ships may detect each other tens of millions of miles away and shoot at each other millions of miles apart, but it may take hours for them to get into range. Additionally, there is no faster-than-light communication other than carrying messages by ship.

As the series opens, Honor Harrington is a naval officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy. The Star Kingdom of Manticore is coming into conflict with the People's Republic of Haven. Manticoran society is modeled by the author on Great Britain, with a monarchy and titled peers having great influence, while Havenite society borrows many elements from revolutionary France.


As Weber met interested experts in applicable subject matters, he sought their assistance in developing details of the technological, political, economic, military, and social details of the Honorverse. He incorporated a group of them, including an instructor at the US Navy War College, into BuNine (Bureau Nine), his "Honorverse Technical Support team." [1]


Ad Astra Games developed Saganami island Tactical Simulator (SITS), which is now published by Final Sword Productions LLC. [2] Much of BuNine's early work went into developing the source manuals for SITS, defining uniforms and ship designs, etc.

Fan Clubs

The Royal Manticoran Navy (TRMN) is a worldwide fan club devoted to the Honorverse canon.


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