Honeydew Syndrome

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Name: Honeydew Syndrome
Abbreviation(s): HoneySyn
Creator: Nuu and Shumie
Date(s): 2006-2008
Medium: webcomic, comic
Country of Origin: Canada
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Honeydew Syndrome is a black and white, manga-style, shounen-ai webcomic, created by Nuu and Shumie. Whilst the webcomic was hosted on its own website, the website has since gone down. Instead, it can now be found on Tapas or Smackjeeves.

Both Volume 1 and 2 of the series have been published as trade paperback and are available on doujinpress. Multiple editions have been run.

The comic has a popular fandom presence online, particularly on LiveJournal, as it had served for as gateway to many new fans into online comics, particularly shounen-ai fans who were not previously a big part of the demographic.

Nuu and Shumie are also known as Tinnu and Cloverx. Nuu is known as steam_pilot on LiveJournal.

Canon Overview

On an OnlineComics forum, Nuu described the comic as "a not-so-emo kid has a run-in with a not-so-jock-jock. What happens afterwards is not what either would have expected... Shounen-ai, highschool romance with history lectures and suckerpunches thrown into the mix." [1]

The first volume of Honeydew Syndrome therefore tells the high-school story of Josh, the jock, and Metis, the emo. Providing canon shounen-ai, and regular updates, it was extremely popular.

The second volume and story of Honeydew Syndrome explores Jay and Charles, friends of Metis and later Josh, and their own friends as well (Erik, Samuel, Sarah, and Odette). In the past, conversations amongst fans on the LJ community dedicated to the comic were confused to this sudden switch in main characters and perspectives.

Since then, Nuu and Schumie have since released a follow-up mini-comic serving as a post-canon epilogue to the main series.


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