Homecoming (Lancer zine)

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Title: Homecoming
Publisher: Yucca Flower Press
Editor(s): AJ Burfield
Date(s): 2000s
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Lancer
Language: English
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Homecoming is a con zine for the Lancer convention of the same name, Homecoming.


  • Johnny's Toothache by Linda Borchors
  • Lancer Quotes Quiz by Janet Brayden
  • Lancer Three (a poem) by Laraine Van Etten


cover of 2005 issue
  • contains 234 pages
  • Brothers and Friendship (A poem where the title says it all.) by Faith
  • High Riders (A beautiful sketch taken from the dramatic ending in the Pilot Episode.) by Jeanne
  • Johnny, Leaning (An observation through Scott's eyes.) by Catpetal
  • The Boy Lost (Helping an angry boy at the request of the orphange priest turns out to be hard work for Johnny.) by Linda
  • About Cows (A master of Boston society learns about bovine society.) by Nancy and Karen
  • The Right Track (Scott's tracking ability is put to the test with Johnny's coaching and also learns a little about Johnny's ideas on respect.) by Maureen
  • The Chuckwagon: Hardtack (You've heard of it, now here's your chance to try it! A tried and true recipe.) by Maureen
  • Short Money (A 'What happened next' following the series episode "The Kid") by EM
  • Afternoon Delight (Johnny and Teresa get to know each other after the events depicted in "High Riders") by Laraine Van Etten
  • I Know You'll Always Be There, a poem by Laraine Van Etten
  • Lancer Word Search & Guest Star Fill In, puzzles created by Janet
  • Boston, 1870 (What thoughts ran through Scott Lancer's mind after his being 'found' by a Pinkerton agent on that fateful day in Boston?) by Sharon
  • Stagecoach Encounters (Traveling by stagecoach can turns out to be a little more than Johnny bargained for and the stranger he meets along the way becomes his key to survival.) by Fay
  • That Damned Drifter (A mangy dog finds its way into the Lancer family.) by Ros
  • Retirement (One particular Lancer member is having second thoughts about living in the Lancer Hacienda.) by Amberlyn (aka Stinky)
  • One Night Only (Break out the swooning couch and ready those dollar bills! Johnny as we'd like to see him!) by Jennifer
  • Ghost Thoughts (A prelude setting up another installment of the Ghost of Johnny Madrid series.) by Buttercup
  • Ghosts in Kansas, Part I (Part 1 of another installment of the Ghost of Johnny Madrid series, which can be found on Karen Fedderly's Lancer Fan Fiction site. Johnny returns to Kansas City to answer charges of murder..) by Buttercup
  • Tequila Sunrise (This fourth installation of the 'Tequila' series once again finds Johnny an unsuspecting victim.) by A.J.
  • About the Lancer Stars (I apologize if any of the facts are off in the non-fiction parts of the zine. My sources varied on quite a few things and I tried to stay on the safe side.) by A.J.
  • Lancer by Seasons (Thank you for Kat Parson's episode guide in last year's Convention zine.) by AJ (Editor)


cover of 2006 issue

The pen sketches in this zine were provided by Shelley Hunter and AJ Burfield is the editor.

  • published in October 2006, contains 135 pages
  • The Lancer Theme Sing Along (The 2005 Convention Lyrics Contest winner) by Jen and Moe
  • I Can Make It . . . (Johnny's thoughts from High Rider) by Laraine Van Etten
  • The Weapon (He uses it with care and talent) by Laraine Van Etten
  • Target Practice (Johnny story) by Maureen
  • Blue Skies For Willie Sharp Quiz by Buttercup and Stinky
  • Zee Quiz by Buttercup and Stinky
  • Keeping Score (Scott knows what's important to his brother.) by Kathy Kooistra
  • Changing Directions by Cindy Carrier (Johnny is having a hard time adjusting to life as Johnny Lancer.) (reprinted in 2012 in End of the Rainbow #2)
  • The Black McGloins Fill In Puzzle by Janet Brayden
  • Cut the Wolf Loose Fill In Puzzle by Janet Brayden
  • Goldie (Goldie knows by instinct what he's getting into) by Joan Miller
  • Community Service (Scott teaches Johnny a way to give back to his community.) by Sharon Coulton
  • The Train and the Paniolo (A painful train ride turns interesting with a new friend) by Linda Borchers
  • transcript of the 2004 Lancer Convention Brunch with special guest James Stacy. Edited and lovingly transcribed by Fay