The Hole in the Deck Gang

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Name: The Hole in the Deck Gang
Date(s): 1970s
Founder: boojums Press
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
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a membership card issued to a fan
ad for the registry in the New York Star Trek '76 program guide

The Hole in the Deck Gang was a registry of fans volunteering to work as gofers at fan run conventions. It was run by the editors of boojums Press who also published The Hole in the Deck Gang Newsletter.

Comments from a former member:

"I entered sf fandom through the gate of Star Trek. There are lots of us out here and I'm grateful for the way in. I attended a couple of New York Star Trek conventions then went to work on them, first as a gofer and working up until I co-chaired a couple in the San Francisco Bay area. I learned amazing amounts of things working on Trek cons, including what not to do and I made some great friendships, had some amazing times, met my very first authors. Asimov and some guy named Ellison, as I recall, were two of the guests at the first Trek Con I ever attended. Somewhere in the archives of my life I have a membership card for the Hole in the Deck Gang, a crew of Trek con gofers. Somewhere else is my copy of The Capture. I learned about crowd control, and damage control from a group of volunteer learn-as-you-go convention organizers and I've never had better training. It took me into working convention security from Westercons to Worldcons and came in handy working on everything from safety at the San Francisco Pride Parade one year to handling myself at political demonstrations.[1]


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