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This article is about the fansite. For the fictional location, see Hogwarts.
Name: Hogwarts School of Magic
Owner/Maintainer: Molly (Headmistress Abby)
Dates: November 1998? – March 2002
Type: role-playing
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: www.hogwartsschoolofmagic.com (redirect)
hogwarts_team at LiveJournal (updates)
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Hogwarts School of Magic (HSOM) was an early Harry Potter roleplay site. It closed in March 2002.[1]

The site appears to have attracted primarily fans in their pre-teens and teens: a 2001 FAQ states that "for the most part, we [the site staff] are your age (11 to 16 or so)".[2]

In March 2003, Emily Tesh wrote about her time on staff at Hogwarts School of Magic in a post at fandom_history.[3] According to Emily, the site reached its peak in mid-2001.


Partial screenshot of the site as archived on August 1, 2001.

The site was founded by Headmistress Abby (also known as Molly and DameChina) and Andie.[1]

According to Molly's 2001 anniversary post, the site was opened in November 1998.[4] However, no information about the site prior to mid-2000 has been preserved.[5]

Starting in August 2001, site updates were posted to hogwarts_team on LiveJournal.[6] From February to July 2001, updates had been posted on a separate Expage page.[7]

Molly first posted on February 25, 2002 that she would "most likely" be closing the site, due to lack of staff and activity.[8] She officially announced the closure of the site on March 4, 2002, although she left open the possibility of someone else taking over the site.[1]


The "School Library" section of the site contained three sections: the Archives (past versions of the site newsletter), the Fiction Section (fanfiction submitted by members), and the Reference Section ("non-fiction" about the Harry Potter universe, written from an in-universe perspective).

The site hosted at least 19 stories by authors Naomi Beckett, Sandry Wandbeam, Professor Gobbolin, Jake Tigris, Professor J. Dragonwings, The Mirror Of Erised, The Weasley Twinettes, The Librarian, Professor Coolmew, Professor Tinuviel Henneth, and Maggie Groveston.


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