Hiding Among Us: The Collected Volumes

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Title: Hiding Among Us: The Collected Volumes
Publisher: Greycloud Services
Editor(s): Janet Ellicott
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
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Hiding Among Us: The Collected Volumes is a 212-page gen anthology of fiction by Janet Ellicott. Photo cover by artist Shar. It is a collection of four zines that were separately published.

Hiding Among Us

  • Questions--Richie meets an older Immortal who seems interested in him. When he tells Duncan, MacLeod begins to wonder why Methos is interested in his protegé. (4 pages)
  • Family Secrets--After a family dinner, Lynn Horton is fatally shot. And Joe Dawson discovers that his family problems can get worse. (12 pages)
  • Hopeless Quest--A prequel to "The Methuselah Stone". (2 pages)
  • With Other Eyes--A strange Immortal arrives in Joe's, looking for Duncan. Joseph is one of the Immortals the Watchers have lost track of, and he has come to tell Duncan that Adam Pierson has disappeared. On the way to Rome, Duncan tells Joe of a promise he made to Methos, and then he realises that he has got it all wrong. Methos has only vanished: he has probably not lost his head. Yet. (31 pages)
  • The Once and Future King--Marcus Constantine finds a sleeping Immortal on Exmoor and frees him from his prison. The Immortal claims to be King Arthur but Methos knows better. (9 pages)

If & Tribunal - Stories of speculation in the Highlander universe

  • If--If Richie had become an Immortal earlier ... If Horton had reason to keep Darius alive ... If Methos had stopped being a legend a little earlier ... If Duncan spotted Joe watching him ... And, if Adam Pierson discovered what Horton was planning, then the entire Game might have been a little different. (34 pages)
  • Tribunal--There were more of Horton's followers in the Watchers than anyone realized. (44 pages)

Walking Among Us

  • One--There are only two Immortals left but have they understood the Rules of the Game properly? (1 page)
  • Chance Meeting--Alone in Paris, Connor meets an older Immortal who seems to know his Clansman. (6 pages)
  • The Supreme Irony--Joe is burying his brother-in-law but Duncan says there is something he has to know, about Horton's daughter. (2 pages)
  • Feelings--Darren Meldrew has been beaten once too often. He isn't an Immortal but a businessman who has a quarrel with Duncan. Just for once, he'd like to be the victor, so he comes up with a plan to make Duncan forget all about business: kidnap Richie and Tessa. Unfortunately, Meldrew is involved with two other Immortals who have no love for Duncan, and the oldest Immortal, deciding that Duncan needs a little help, turns up in Darius's rectory. (22 pages)
  • An Immortal in Borsetshire--Simon Pemberton has been safe for far too long. Philip Chapman has finally tracked him down and he wants his head. (2 pages)
  • Occupational Hazard--So many Watchers have died in the last few years that someone decides researchers should be trained for relief fieldwork, and Adam Pierson is not at all happy when he learns who his first assignment is. (5 pages)
  • Inheritance--Connor has taken on a dangerous student, an Immortal who used to be a Watcher and doesn't want to be an Immortal. When Duncan goes to help his clansman, he is forced to take Hammond's head and inherits a lot of trouble. Hammond wasn't just bitter: he was turning into a pacifist. Methos comes up with a surprising reason. (12 pages)
  • Alexa's Song--When Joe phones with the news, Duncan is on the next plane to Geneva but Methos isn't ready to break down. (13 pages)