Hidden Archives of Middle-Earth

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Name: Hidden Archives of Middle-Earth
Date(s): 06 April 2002 - 2003?
Archivist: Aralanthiriel, Drew
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: http://hidden-archives.com/ (Wayback)
Hidden Archives of Middle-Earth.png
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Hidden Archives of Middle-Earth is a Lord of the Rings fanfiction archive. The main archivist was Aralanthiriel, assisted by Drew.

From the main page:

You are now in the Hidden Archives of Middle-Earth. We are located in a secret place, hidden from the prying eyes of Mary-Sues and sheltered against the invasion of incoherent plots. Only well-written fanfics will ever be showcased here, so fear not and explore!

Description from Tower of Ecthelion:

An excellent archive featuring all types of Lord of the Rings works, including essays and other non-fiction. Also included is a collection of “Rare Finds” (10th member stories that actually work!) and hilarious “excuse” and “response to flame” generators.[1]


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