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This page explains how to use Fanlore:Sandbox. For draft articles that need to be rewritten, see the Sandbox category.

The Sandbox is just an empty page that anyone can use to experiment with wiki markup or page formatting ideas. Although you can always make a change on any page in the main namespace and then immediately undo it (provided no one else has edited the page in the meantime), the Sandbox is intended as a low-pressure space where you can play around without worrying about messing up another page.

It's easy to wipe clean after you're done:

  • either go to the history tab and click "undo" next to your edit
  • or just click to edit the page and delete all the content.

Individual versions of the page history can always be accessed later. For example, I can look at the story tropes draft by going to the history tab, clicking "last" next to the edit version I want, and then clicking "permanent link" under the Toolbox menu on the sidebar.

Wikipedia also has a page explaining the uses of their sandbox.