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The following HTML elements are currently permitted:

Presentational markup

The use of presentational markup is discouraged. The equivalent CSS should be used instead.

Use boldface type. Equivalent CSS: {font-weight: bold}

Use italic type. Equivalent CSS: {font-style: italic}

Creates bigger text. Equivalent CSS: {font-size: larger}.

Use a typewriter-like (fixed-width) font. Equivalent CSS: {font-family: monospace}

Creates smaller text. Equivalent CSS: {font-size: smaller}

Encloses a comment. Generally, the Talk pages should be used instead.

General block elements

Creates a paragraph, perhaps the most common block level element. The closing tag is not required in HTML.

Contains quoted material when the quotation itself includes block level elements (for instance, quoting several paragraphs). The cite attribute may give the source, and must be a fully qualified Uniform Resource Identifier. The blockquote element is often misunderstood. It is an element meant to contain quotations that are themselves block level. In other words, it contains a complete paragraph or many paragraphs.

Specifies a line-break. Use the XML compatible <br/> instead.


<h1>...</h1> <h2>...</h2> <h3>...</h3> <h4>...h4> <h5>...<h5> <h6>...</h6>
Section headings at different levels. Use <h1> for the highest-level heading (the major sections), <h2> for the next level down (sub-section), <h3> for a level below that, and so on. The lowest level heading is <h6>.

Most web browsers will show <h1> as large text in a different font, and <h6> as small bold-faced text, but this can be overridden with CSS. The heading elements are not intended merely for creating large or bold text: they describe something about the document's structure and organization. Some programs use them to generate outlines and tables of contents.


Creates a table. Wikitext markup is preferred -- see Help:Tables.

Creates a row in the table.

Creates a table header cell within a row; contents are conventionally displayed bold and centered.

Creates a table data cell within a row.

Specifies a column group in a table.

Specifies a caption for the entire table.

Specifies the header part of a table. This section may be repeated by the user agent if the table is split across pages (in printing or other paged media).

Specifies the main part of a table.

Specifies the footer part of a table. Like <thead>, this section may be repeated by the user agent if the table is split across pages (in printing or other paged media)



Creates a block-level centered division. May also center-align all text. Deprecated in favor of

or another element with centering defined using CSS.

Use an underlined font. Equivalent CSS: {text-decoration: underline}


... For specifiying fonts. Should not be necessary on the Wiki, but if it is, use CSS.


Create strike-through text. Equivalent CSS: {text-decoration: line-through}

<img src=dontdothis.jpg>

For displaying images. Images hosted elsewhere cannot display on Fanlore; see Help:Images for how to display images hosted on Fanlore.