Hell is Other People

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Title: Hell is Other People
Author(s): amitai
Date(s): 02 May 2007 - 13 January 2020 (last update)
Length: 441,168 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
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Hell is Other People is an Alex Rider story by amitai. So far it's unfinished.

Summary: After a series of attacks, Alex's entire class is sent to be trained at the SAS training camp, to give them a degree of self sufficiency to help them defend themselves. Unfortunately for Alex, he has to go with them... and not get noticed as different.

Recs and Reviews

A fandom classic. Alex’s class becomes a target so they’re sent to Brecon Beacons for protection. Alex has to balance pretending to be normal with the reality of his abilities, and the pressure of saving his classmates. Lots of angst, grappling with identity, and a plot that crescendos fantastically as the fic goes on.[1]


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