Oh, the humanity!

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Oh, the humanity!
Author: Helenish
Dates: 2009 - present
Fandom: Star Trek, Stargate: Atlantis, Popslash, Harry Potter, Sports Night, Sentinel, TPM
URL: http://helenish.talkoncorners.net/
Oh, the humanity!.png
former location, via Wayback (200? - 2009)
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Oh, the humanity! (aka Helen Inhell) is Helen's fanfiction site.

Description from Anhedonia:
Helen Inhell. New to J/B and making a huge impact on me. If I ever start punctuating weirdly, she's why. Check out the essays too - short but, errm, stimulating. =)[1]


  1. Julad's current slash obsessions, via Wayback: 09 September 1999. (Accessed 23 July 2017)