Heartbreak Beat

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Title: Heartbreak Beat
Creator: Ancasta
Date: 2007
Format: divx
Length: 46mb
Music: "Heartbreak Beat" by The Psychedelic Furs
Genre: character study
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
*Vid on YouTube
*Vidder's YouTube Channel

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"Heartbreak Beat" is a The Professionals vid by Ancasta. It is a character study of Ray Doyle. This vid was posted to The Circuit Archive in January, 2007, and to the Vidder's YouTube Channel on May 31, 2008.

Vidder's Notes: "A friend turned me on to the P Furs in grad school. Prior to that, I'd known them only through the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. I'm particularly fond of this song, though I've recently learned that not all P Furs critics and fans interpret it the same way I do. To me, the songs speaks to the emptiness and disillusionment a person can feel when they pursue meaningless relationships. The lyric: And it feels like love, and it's all that we've got, is to me horribly sad. It only feels like love. It isn't the real thing. I was shocked to found out while searching for the song's lyrics online that many view this as a kind of salute to the days of disco and casual hookups. I can't believe some people don't hear the desperation in the song as it builds towards its finish. With this, I was trying to juxtapose Ray's relationships with women, with what he feels for Bodie. One means nothing, the other everything. Which is why he can't take the chance and try to change his friendship with his partner into something more. The risk is simply too great.

(ORIGINAL NOTE: This is the story of Ray Doyle's love life. Yes, he's heartbreaker. But he's been the recipient of heartbreak as well. The women don't mean enough. Bodie means too much. What's a lad to do? Keep on dancing.)"