Heart of Hope

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Heart of Hope
Author(s): Katie Redshoes
Date(s): 1997
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
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Heart of Hope is a Star Trek: VOY story by Katie Redshoes.

It was posted to ASC and won an ASC Award for Best Paris/Torres.

Reactions and Reviews

This was a *beautiful* story. Written from Neelix's POV, which is something we don't see often, it gave me an insight into Neelix's character that I've never had before. Yet, it was truly a P/T story. The scene where Neelix comes knocking on Tom's door and is greeted by a slightly disheveled Tom, with an equally disheveled B'Elanna in the background is painfully embarrassing. But Neelix, true to form, carries on! It was beautiful. Simply beautiful. [1]
A nice P/T story, and Neelix to boot. Actually, although the P/T was subtly wonderful, I think I appreciated the characterization of Neelix the most. Katie makes him into a believable morale officer. And what better assignment for the moral officer than to encourage our two favorite lieutenants? [2]
A very insightful look at Neelix and his reactions to the events in Random Thoughts. Mostly about him really, but ties into Paris Torres very well. A nice way to follow up Random Thoughts.[3]
As a PT fan, I especially liked Heart of Hope's sensitive portrayal of Neelix. It's a story I remember, even if it has been awhile since I last read it. It gave me a different perspective toward him; for once, he isn't this caricature, he's a grieving man with his losses and pains. I'm not even a Neelix fan, but, the story just made me feel for him and rooted for him as he acknowledges the growing relationship between Paris and Torres, even when it reminds him of how much he misses the women in his life. Katherine did a nice job on this memorable story. [4]


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