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Fan Film
Title: Harry Potter und ein Stein (Harry Potter and a Stone)
Harry Potter und der Geheime Pornokeller (Harry Potter and the secret Porn Chamber)
Harry Potter und der Plastik Pokal (Harry Potter and the Plastic Cup)
Creator: Coldmirror
Date: 25.11.2006 (Part 1)
Length: 26 parts each about 10 minutes long
Genre: Parody
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Coldmirror Synchros! Playlist with all parts

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The Harry Potter Fandubs by Coldmirror aka Kathrin Fricke are some of the most popular German Harry Potter Parodies. They are satirical re-dubs of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Harry Potter und ein Stein (Harry Potter and a Stone) and Harry Potter und der Geheime Pornokeller (Harry Potter and the secret Porn Chamber) consist each of 10, 10 minute long parts. Harry Potter und der Plastik Pokal (Harry Potter and the Plastic Cup) has 6 parts and remains incomplete.[1]


The first part of Harry Potter und ein Stein was uploaded the 25.11.2006 on the Youtube Channel Coldmirror, the other 9 parts followed shortly after that. The channel and it’s fandubs quickly gained popularity.

In 2007 she continued her dubs with Harry Potter und der Geheime Pornokeller and between 2008-2010 6 parts of Harry Potter und der Plastik Pokal were uploaded. Then the Youtube Channel got temporarily deactivated because of copyright restriction. According to Youtube Germany, the deactivation was mainly an error of the system and was only supposed to be a warning. After the reactivation, Coldmirror had to take all her fandubs down. There are still multiple videos of the parody on Youtube that were uploaded by several channels. Coldmirror has a playlist on her channel with the complete series on it. [2]


i don’t think anyone outside of Germany understands how scarring it is to hear the words “Fresh Dumbledore”. you do not know that there’s a whole generation of Germans out there who get thrown back in time upon hearing those words… war flashbacks of “wer zum Teufel ist Amanda”, “Voldemort hat einen Stein nach mir geworfen”, “SCHINKEN!” and “Ich bin alt, ich bin bald tot, aus grün mach rot. Klatsch!”… those and so many other quotes still haunt me.

you do not know that there’s a whole parallel universe in Germany where Hermione is a lesbian, Dumbledore is a gangster rapper, Gilderoy Lockhard is a porn star and everything is 100% obscene. that everyone quoted these dubs for months. that there were actual albums of Fresh Dumbledore out there that you could listen to. That there was also an album of Snape’s black metal band. Even Warner Brothers got wind of it and threatened to sue.

one woman in Germany redefined Harry Potter for countless people for years, and none of you even know.


[…] It was basically “abridging” Harry Potter, but as the post said, it also changed the characters by a lot. And it was fantastic. Everyone I went to school with knew about these videos and could quote them. When talking to my brother we sometimes quote it. When a new episode came out people were throwing the links around ICQ and watched it together while laughing in chat. This shit has been a extremely large part of my teens. I still sometimes rewatch episodes, because it’s nostalgic and amazing and just funny. I will always remember this and I can still sing along to some of Fresh D’s greatest hits. [...]


It’s strange to think that non-German speakers will never experience the glorious disaster that was ‘Harry Potter und ein Stein’ aka the entire abridged first, second and fifth movie. In hindsight, its pretty bad and extremely politically uncorrect; but man, was it a big part of pop culture back then, and you can’t deny the impact it had - especially on German Youtube itself. Also I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a pic of Dumbledore and not thought of Fresh D and his not-so-epic rapsongs.

Harry Potter confessions


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