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Title: Harem
Author(s): scifichick774
Date(s): September 25th, 2008 - present
Length: 27+ chapters
Genre: Het, Rated MA, Romance/Drama, Crack
Multiple ships
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Part 1 & tag at scifichick774's fic archive,
URL at Granger Enchanted
Russian Translation at Hogwartsnet.ru

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Harem is a Harry Potter fanfic focused on Hermione Granger & multiple ships by scifichick774. It's a work in progress, last updated in March 2013.

Pairings inside the fic are: Hermione/Abraxas, Hermione/Barty Jr., Hermione/Cedric, Hermione/Fred, Hermione/Gideon, Hermione/Regulus, and Hermione/Salazar.


"Hermione Granger wanted revenge. She received a harem."

Author's Notes

As always, many thanks go out to my beta, pokeystar, who has been incredibly encouraging through all my muse and computer issues. I would also like to thank svelterose, whose request for a harem-type fic with Hermione multiple pairings over at the GE forums gave my muse a much needed kick.

Comments & Reviews

"This. This.

I really hope you update this fic soon, because the sheer awesome of this idea is overwhelming. (Especially since I threw out a search for Hermione/Harem on FAP recently, but no one responded.)

When I saw that Abraxas Malfoy was one of the men chosen for Hermione, I cackled. I can't wait to see Lucius and Draco's reactions.

Poor crazy Barty Jr. Hopefully Hermione can find a way to help him with his schizophrenia. (Somehow I doubt he'd agree to visit a Muggle psychiatrist, married to a Muggleborn or not.)

With Slytherin--will there be any communication difficulties? I can't really see him speaking modern English, unless the Fates did some tweaking before sending him back to the land of the living. Maybe Hermione knows some medieval Latin?

As for Regulus... tsk tsk, Hermione. She should really know better than the judge him based on his brother. After all, look at the Black cousins. One was batshit insane, one married a "Malfoy" (those quotation marks make me giggle), and one fell in love with a Muggleborn.

Seeing how Hermione juggles all these men--especially the bigots--will be... interesting. As in, "May you live in interesting times." Don't know whether to pity her or envy her. *grin*"[1]
"Oooooh! New Kris fic. OMG. This is amazing so far and so many parts to start. *bounces around and flails like a moron* LOVE this!"[2]
"Oh, this is great fun already. :D

I'm very curious as to whether or not Hermione will be able to make any/all of them live somewhere else.

Also, best line:

"And . . . Lucius Malfoy's paternity might have been called into question because of that."

I hope we'll get to see Lucius' reaction to having his ancestor brought back to life - especially when he learns about the rules."[3]
"I've been (guilty) creeping about your site for a while, and I have to say that I absolutely love your fics. You've got a dab hand at creating a Hermione who's strong and human, which is just rare and wonderful. I always look forward to reading your snappy dialogue and enjoying the extremely clever plotlines. Sorry that I've been one of those lurking-about-sapping fan types but I thought I'd stop being shy and ramble on in a vaguely coherent way about how much I like your work! bravo!

(and I loved this line: "Or, if she was feeling particularly ill-tempered, she could have conjured a magnifying glass and played with the sun a little.” -- just deliciously snarky and spiteful. so wonderful).

I didn't think that I'd like this fic, to be honest (I've a simple mind and the prospect of polyandry/gyny makes me think of vastly complicated networks that get my head in a tizzy) but it's absolutely lovely! So much fun. And -- for what this is worth -- you're such a ballin' writer that I almost missed a thesis deadline catching up on Repercussions (which is def one of my favorite stories in the fandom). Thank you for your consistently awesome writing!"."[4]
"I just recently discovered this fic and I have to say I'm hooked! I know RL has gotten in the way of your writing fanfic. I hope that don't totally give up on writing because you are a great writer and I'm sure there are lots of fans like me who regularly check in hoping there is an update!!!!!" [5]


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