Hanson Story Reviews Interview with Allison Way

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Hanson Story Reviews Interview with Allison Way
Interviewer: Graven Meyerr-Christie
Interviewee: Allison Way
Date(s): 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
External Links: interview is here
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In 2000, Allison Way was interviewed by Graven Meyerr-Christie for the website Hanson Story Reviews. The interview also included Graven's review of Allison's story Holding Onto Nothing.

Some Excerpts

I think that I just want to get across how strong the bond of a family can be, especially during the tough times. How important it is to stick together. That'll probably show up a lot more later on in the story though than it does now.
I have lots of other stories, both fan fiction and not. The only other Hanson story I have anywhere is one called "It Had to Be You" which is on a page called "Mmmbop Cafe" (the banner for it is right in the front of my page). It's sort of a response to school massacres. I also write Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction every once in a while, but nothing's been posted yet. As for stuff that isn't in the "fan fiction" genre, right now I'm exploring sci-fi/fantasy type stuff. It's been pretty fun so far.
There have just been so many great stories that I've found that have been taken down because the authors were getting too much crap from people e-mailing them and reaming them out. It really sucks. I've been lucky with that so far, though.