Hand Basket to Hell

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Title: Hand Basket To Hell
Publisher: X-Press Publishing
Date(s): 2009
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Supernatural
Language: English
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cover by Vamptastica

Hand Basket To Hell is a 192-page slash Wincest/J2 anthology.

The color cover is by Vamptastica with black and white interior photo-manips also by her.

The stories are by JenCat, Gardener Hill, K'Kathy and Miranda.


"When you're going to hell in a handbasket -- or have already been there -- sometimes brotherly love can become something... more. And that's exactly what happens in this Wincest zine, with a gorgeously hot cover by Vamptastica, and enthralling stories by JenCat, Gardner Hill, K'Kathy and Miranda."


All stories in this zine are the intellectual property of their writers. Supernatural and its characters and images are the property of Eric Kripke, Warner Brothers, and probably a whole mess of people that ain't us. Mutant X belongs to no one who cares anymore. No violation of copyright or offense is intended by any of the stories, ideas, or images presented wherein. We love the boys, we really do. We just like to play with them, sometimes a little rough, but always put them back to their original packaging with cookies and milk.


  • Fired Up by JenCat004 ("Sam, Dean, a cabin in the woods, a fire... need we say more?") (1)
  • A Fine Line Between Heaven and Hell by JenCat004 ("Sam's Seventeen and he thinks Dean's asleep. Dean is not happy.") (10)
  • Romance, Shmo-mance by JenCat004 ("Dean's a little happier in this one.") (12)
  • A Decided Loss by JenCat004 ("Decidedly AU. Sam, Dean, prison.") (17)
  • Computer Sex by JenCat004 ("What you can do with computers....") (30)
  • Cross Purposes by Gardner Hill ("Cross over with Mutant X. Because we wanted to. So there.") (33)
  • Alone by JenCat004 ("Sam comes back to an empty hotel room. Or does he?") (60)
  • Missed You by JenCat004 ("Absence makes the cock grow harder....") (66)
  • Sound and Fury, Signifying Everything by JenCat004 ("Damn, that's a lot of porn!") (67)
  • So Much for Heaven by JenCat004 ("Now, a slightly more realistic view of late night boffing.") (71)
  • Closest We'll Get to Heaven by JenCat004 ("Awwww.") (72)
  • Relaxation, My Ass! by JenCat004 ("An unwanted vacation frustrates Dean... or does it?") (78)
  • Glad to be Back by JenCat004 ("My, these boys fuck a lot.") (95)
  • Don't Even Say It by JenCat004 ("Dean's crabby when he gets hurt.") (98)
  • Ester Bunny by JenCat004 ("Can't stop the schmoopy crack!") (100)
  • Naked Pics by JenCat004 ("Dean is SO easy....") (102)
  • Anything by JenCat004 ("Sam is easily bribed.") (103)
  • Smokin' by JenCat004 ("Hey, you're already screwing your brother... what's a few cigarettes?") (107)
  • High School Confidential by JenCat004 and K'Kathy ("Dean's date didn't go so well... maybe his night can still improve?") (110)
  • The Winchester Way by Miranda ("Like a good cup of coffee... .dark, but oh, so tasty.") (118)
  • Scratching the Itch by JenCat004 and K'Kathy ("Dean's got LOTS of boo boos... will a painkiller help... things?") (128)
  • No Pain Greater by JenCat004 ("The YED is not waiting for Sam anymore. WARNINGS: Rape and Torture.") (141)

The J2 Section

This section at the end has the header: "Easy to Ignore If You Don't Like RPSl"

  • Jungle Love by K'Kathy (Man meets Ape Man! The Way Tarzan Should Have Been!. "Warnings: Humor, dub-con, felching (if you don't know, I'm not explaining...) Author's Notes: Edgar Rice Burroughs is spinning in his grave.") (166)
  • Roman Tragedy by K'Kathy ("Warnings: Historical J2 AU, horror, non-con, death, DEATH, I say. Read at your own risk and don't come whining to me if you don't like it.") (177)
  • Trick or Treat by JenCat004 ("This one is the ACTUAL J2. Yes, I'm in the hand basket as we speak. Drug use, RPS, indiscriminate fucking. You've been warned.") (181)

Interior Sample