Haldir's Whores

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Name: Haldir's Whores
Date(s): 4 February 2002 (as Guardian of Lorien[1]) - 2019[2]; the fanfiction archive opened on 13 February 2007[3] and was removed on 2 July 2009[2]
Archivist: Banshee
Founder: Banshee
Type: Fanlisting, Fan Fiction Archive
Fandom: Tolkien, Lord of the Rings
URL: haldirs-whores.org
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Haldir's Whores was a Tolkien website and fanlisting devoted to the Lord of the Rings character Haldir. It briefly included a fanfiction archive built using eFiction open-source software. The site opened 4 February 2002 under the name Guardian of Lorien and remained online at least through 15 October 2019.[2] The site's history is explained on its homepage as follows:

Guardian of Lorien (as the site used to be called) was originally opened 04 February 2002. At the time it was the first and only Haldir fansite (and fanlisting) located on the internet. After finding a home at my fan-hosting domain, AVADA-KEDAVRA.NET for around a year, I decided in 2003 that it was time to give the site it's own name, and Haldirs-Whores.org was born on the 19 January 2003.[1]

On the About page, the site's origins are explained as follows:

A long time ago in a land far, far away, there used to be a Yahoo Group...

That, at least, is true. I was part of that group and became friends with quite a few of the lovely ladies there. We decided we needed a home to house out fan fiction and fan art.. and Haldirs-Whores.ORG was born!

Unfortunately we grew apart, as often happens. We email each other very occasionally to catch up on our lives. While their love for Haldir is strong (indeed, my sister site MAEGOVANNEN.COM was one of those girls!) I decided to keep the site on as the home of the Haldir Fanlisting and as a home for fan art from around the web.[4]

The fanfiction archive was a separate part of the site that opened on 13 February 2007[3]. On 2 July 2009, the archivist announced:

I've disabled and removed the fanfiction archive. There were 14 stories for the last 2 years, and rather than be a drain on server resources I thought I'd remove it instead. I will be contacting the authors individually to see if they would still like their stories to be archived on the site.[2]


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