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Title: Hako Clone
Creator: Masamune Washington (Mad Modeler)
Date(s): 2002 - 2004
Medium: Papercraft
Fandom: Fancraft
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A Hako Clone was a style of papercraft toy created by Masamune Washington that were first released in 2002. Its name comes for the Japanese word for box, 箱 (Hako), and they were described by Washington as "Simple, easy to build, box caricatures for amusement." There were two main types of Hako Clones, those based on mechas, typically Transformers, and those based on humans, typically anime and manga characters.

The Hako Clone papercrafts of Transformers became very popular and developed its own custom creating community. The community was most active on Deviantart and remained there for years even after Washington moved onto other papercraft projects.

There were also examples of custom designs using the human templates as well. Notably the Go-Hako line, created by The Professor, reworked the template to allow the models to be posed.[1]


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