Hail Fellows, Well Met

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Title: Hail Fellows, Well Met
Publisher: Fidelius Press
Editor(s): October 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Language: English
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cover by Ara

Hail Fellows, Well Met is a 220-page gen digest-sised Lord of the Rings anthology. The cover and interior art is by Ara.

  • Famished by Elaine M. Batterby. (Excerpt: “Oh, yes!” The hobbit’s face lit up as he remembered a certain conversation between himself and Sam after a descent down a cliff by rope, before Gollum joined them as their guide. “Can I request something specific?” he asked eagerly. ‘It’s something Sam said on our journey, you see.”)
  • Fire by Sheila Paulson. (Excerpt: Faramir took heart at Frodo’s words. “It is a kindness in you to speak so. I remember my brother with great love, and my heart breaks for him, that all his strength and goodness came to darkness. I thought none but I would remember him with love.”)
  • The Gifts of Mid Year's Day by Catherine Schlein. (Excerpt: "There were five gifts piled on the table; one each for Pippin, Merry, Rosie Gamgee, Elanor Gamgee, and Sam. They were all wrapped neatly and tied with sheer ribbons, a different color for each person. It had not been an easy task to think of gifts for his friends this year.") (from the universe of The Road Goes Ever On and There Are Many Paths to Tread)
  • Orderly by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters crossover). (Excerpt: "“Faramir,” the patient corrected. At least Peter thought he was correcting and not saying something in a foreign language. Must be his name. He saw Peter’s confusion. “In truth I am not accustomed to stewardship.” That made pain flash in his eyes, and it wasn’t the kind of pain caused by his wounds.")
  • Fevered Lessons by Linda Knights. (Excerpt: "Aragorn wet his lips. “Your ease of touch,” he admitted honestly. Having broached the subject there was no sense in going back for, in truth, he did envy the hobbits an art he had never learned. He nodded down to where, even now, Sam stroked Frodo’s forehead.")
  • Starlight by Sheila Paulson. (Excerpt: "“Such a tranquil night would soothe the weariest heart,” Gandalf acknowledged. “I, too, have been saying my farewells in silence, yet I could not stay, either.”")
  • Letter to Aragorn by Elaine M. Batterby. (Excerpt: "There is no peace here for me, although I had hoped the lush rolling green of my home would hold a cure for the deep melancholia that sometimes grips me so tightly.")
  • Gimli by Sheila Paulson. (Excerpt: "Aragorn drew in breath. While it was said the hands of the king were the hands of a healer, that did not mean he possessed the knowledge to recognize all symptoms. He shot a questioning glance at the healers. “What means this?” he asked.")