HIStory3: Trapped

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Name: HIStory3 圈套, HIStory3: Trapped
Date(s): April 16, 2019 - June 12, 2019
Medium: streaming television show
Country of Origin: Taiwan
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HIStory3: Trapped is the first miniseries of the third season of the Taiwanese boys love anthology show HIStory. The main characters are Meng Shaofei, a police detective, and Tang Yi, an organized crime boss.

It has the largest English-language fandom of all the HIStory series.


The show features two canon m/m ships, which are also popular in fanworks: Tang Yi/Meng Shaofei (main) and Jack/Zhao-zi (secondary). The RPF counterparts are also shipped together: Hsu Chun-hao (Jake Hsu)/Wu Cheng-yang (Chris Wu) and Bian Ching-hua (Andy Bian)/Chen Ting-hsuan (Kenny Chen). The canon m/f ship Gu Daoyi/Zuo Hongye is a rarepair on AO3.[1]

Chinese-language Fandom

38% of HIStory3: Trapped fanworks on the AO3 are in Chinese.[2]

English-language Fandom

In English fan spaces, HIStory3: Trapped is a small enough fandom to be eligible for Yuletide. For the 2019 Yuletide exchange, three stories were posted. For the 2020 exchange, three stories were posted, and for the 2021 exchange, four stories were posted.

Example Fanworks

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