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Newsletter Community
Name: The H/D Prophet (hd_prophet)
Date(s): 11 September 2004 - present
Moderator: 6shotamericano, alaana_fair, alovelycupoftea, cassie_black12, coffeejunkii, jamie2109, mizbean, nursedarry, sesheta_66, tarie, wook77, sassy_cissa
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: H/D Prophet on LJ

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The H/D Prophet is a Harry Potter newsletter community for the Harry/Draco pairing.

"Fan fiction, fan art, graphics, downloads, essays, videos, role-playing games, discussions, polls, icons. And other H/D media, at the editors' discretion. This newsletter is not a general round up of H/D fic and art. Every item will be included at the discretion of the editors. Fic and art included are recommendations only."