Guy of Huntington Universe

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Title: Guy of Huntington Universe
Creator: Mary Ann McKinnon and others
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
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The Guy of Huntington Universe was a fan-created, shared universe in the Robin of Sherwood fandom.

first page of a lengthy description, printed in Immortal Tales #2
second page of a lengthy description, printed in Immortal Tales #2

This 'verse was created by Mary Ann McKinnon.

Some of the stories were in The Turn of the Wheel. It is unknown, outside of that zine, how many other fanworks were written and/or shared widely.

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Description of the Universe

From a flyer:

WHAT IF Marguerite of Gisburne's husband had truly died in the Crusades, and Guy were the legitimate older son of Earl David and heir to Huntingdon? How would this affect the lives and personalities of Robert, Guy, Robin of Loxley, and all the other characters in Robin of Sherwood?

From The Turn of the Wheel:

Material [wanted] in the shared "Guy of Huntingdon" scenario, which looks at how the lives and personalities of all the characters in "Robin of Sherwood" would be different if Guy had been the legitimate older son and heir to Huntingdon. [...] If you would like to write in the shared "Guy of Huntingdon" scenario, please contact me and let me know what story idea you have in mind; this way I can send you notes as to where the shared scenario currently stands, and make sure that two people don't write the same story or contradict one another in a major way!


What if? This is a recurring favorite among ROS writers, and I have a favorite scenario I would like to share with potential writers, and invite them to come play in my sandbox. The scenario is complex, and has many possible permutations, but does give those fans of Guy of Gisburne a chance to deal with him as a somewhat more likable character than he is in the series. I would caution, however, that In this alternate universe, Robert — and Robin of Lotley — are just as important. The scenario gives several opportunities to deal with Robert's and Guy's character development in ways that would otherwise not be possible.


Earl David married his true love lady Marguerite, and she bore him a son named Guy: her husband had truly died in the Crusades. But she died when Guy was born, and Earl David married the woman who was to become Robert's mother.

Now Guy is the heir to the Earldom, and Robert Is the younger son. How different would Guy be from the Sheriff's steward that we see in the series?

Stories in "The Turn of the Wheel"

Stories in this universe were in The Turn of the Wheel:

  • Child's Hands by Todd Parish ("Two young brothers find a wounded bird in the highest tower of Huntingdon.")
  • Children of the Forest by Julie Phipps ("When Robert de Rainault is caught in the middle of a mud fight between Guy, Robert, and their young playmate Elise, de Rainault's harsh treatment of the peasant girl gives Robert his first taste of injustice in the world.")
  • The Vigil by Laura Chevening ("During Guy's vigil for the knighthood, the vision that comes to his thirteen-year-old brother Robert is not quite what the young knight-to-be bargained for.")
  • The Greenwood Beckons by Joette Rozanski ("Returning home through Sherwood, Sir Guy and his younger brother Robert are "invited" to sup with the outlaws, leaving lasting impressions on both brothers.")
  • Fouling the Waters by Joette Rozanski ("Sir Guy conspires with Gulnar to break up the secret friendship between Robert and Loxley that has dominated his brother's life for the past three years.")
  • To Become a Man by Anne Motley ("When sixteen-year-old Robert visits his Uncle Edgar, he finds out that his favorite uncle is not quite what he thought him to be.")
  • Conversation by Jacquie Groom ("After freeing the outlaws on the day that Robin of Loxley died upon the tor, Robert returns to Huntingdon one last time to say good-bye to his brother.")
  • Acceptance by Jacquie Groom ("Robin of Loxley lies dead upon the tor. Will the outlaws of Sherwood accept a new Son of Herne to be their leader?")