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Title: Guises
Author(s): Rhiannon
Date(s): 2003 or before
Length: 68kb
Genre: gen
Fandom: Buffy/ The X-Files
External Links: online here

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Guises is a Buffy/ The X-Files story by Rhiannon.

Author's Notes

"Setting: The Consortium went up in flames when the Hellmouth went down in dust, appropriate as that may be. Call this a year or so later, when people on all sides have caught their breath and realized that 'You break it; you bought it,' extends on out to 'and you clean it up, too.'

Rated: PG. No onscreen violence, barely any profanity, and no sex. Sorry. Written for the Beginnings X-Files Lyric Wheel. Thanks to Satina for the lyrics, listed below."

Reactions and Review

Alex Krycek arrives to demolish a Consortium site but finds that someone has beaten him to it.

The Consortium always ran to grandiose actions. Overblown, theatrical passwords and tinted-window tanks masquerading as limos. Bodyguards in sunglasses and muscle poses. The old men went for visible power. They liked to meet in smoke-filled, wood-paneled rooms in New York with the kind of square footage that announced ‘we have money and our snipers have clear lines of fire.’ A peacock in heat was less noticeable.

I like this story very much, and not just because it has Oz (one of my favourite Buffy characters) paired with Alex, the "little black dress" of fandom <g>. This story uses language in a way that pleases me and I love the characterisation of both Alex and Oz. The text is minimalist, in the sense that it doesn't force information or over-explanations on the reader, and there are plenty of movie references for film buffs. Lovely. [1]


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